【52PK 12月23日消息】据报道,跑得快十三张下载 东南亚老将前Orange战队队员Raymond \’Sharky\’ Wong Kie Yong(鱼人哥)于睡梦中去世,死因不明。跑得快十三张下载 根据他姐姐的描述,鱼人哥是当天早上回家的,回家后进房间睡觉,谁知道这一睡,鱼人哥就再也没有走出这个房间。

MUFC老队长鱼人哥通宵后去世 选手健康受关注





MUFC老队长鱼人哥通宵后去世 选手健康受关注



“Rest in Peace Raymond Wong Kie Yong or Sharky T-T 

It was so suddenly i have shocked after hear the news about him! but really Truth! I was called his phone and his sister picked up and cry….

**According to her sister, He came back very late in the morning. Then he went to sleep. After that, he never came out from the room.And her sister discovered his death around 8pm + +

Sharky is a current player of G-Guard and a former player of MUFC

My deepest condolence the his family.”



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